Igor Notte Human Beats




Human Beats
Mixed Recorded Produced & Performed by Igor Notte
Video Artwork & Cover Design by Igor Notte
Edit by Onimo Records 2016

Human Beats, the latest multimedia work by Igor Notte, is the natural evolution of the previous audiovisual works created by this Italian-Finnish artist, inspired by a constant reflection on time and memory. His research combines music and visual art, with a focus on the human being, observed and captured in a variety of everyday activities, and portrayed as an active, purposeful agent in social interactions.
The electroacoustic sounds of this all-encompassing work weave through various genres, acting as a counterpoint to the dilated time dimension of the visual narrative: valuable life moments are captured and expanded to create a prolonged audiovisual experience.
With its self-reflecting combination of sounds, rhythms and images, Human Beats is an avant-garde audiovisual research project that lays the foundation for an enhanced creative